How did the slogan T-shirt become so basic? – Featured in The Independent

Let’s talk about authenticity as well as transparency of production.

Where Does It Come From? was featured in an article on slogan T shirts in The Independent, written by Katie Rosseinsky. It was great to contribute to a discussion around the inconsistency of producing slogan t shirts that have potentially had a detrimental impact – on farmers and garment workers, through exploitation, and also on the planet through mass production, non-regenerative farming and high carbon/water production methods.

The opaque barriers are gradually being broken down – by campaigners, global communications and consumers demanding transparency. But there is still a long way to go, especially in terms of re-use, over production and harmful farming practices.

Where Does It Come From?‘s project last year with Trywyre was also featured, where we created slogan t shirts by re-using 540 that had been printed with an error (#freebrittanny instead of #freebritney!). Creating a more circular/flexible model for slogan t’s, especially for one-off events, is a key focus area at our social enterprise. Find out more and get in touch on our B2B page.

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