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If you love ants then you’ll love our Ant shirt!  Not only does it celebrate our insect friends, but it’s also been created with love for our planet. We’ve used organic cotton and wooden buttons – it’s plastic free! – as well as low water and virtually carbon free processes.

The cotton fabric, called khadi, that your Ant shirt is made from was spun and woven by hand before being screenprinted by hand with our unique Ant design.  The shirts come with either short or long sleeves and have a breast pocket.  It is soft, comfortable and very funky!

You can find out exactly how your Ant shirt was made and who was involved – each has a code on the label which unlocks the garment story.  You can explore the traditional production methods that we use which are much kinder to the environment.  Our dyeing process uses a fifth of the water normally required and the hand spinning and hand weaving are virtually carbon free.

For information on sizing please see our Size Guidance.

We work with fabric co-operatives which are ethically run according to the principles set down by Gandhi as part of his vision to empower rural people in India.  Find out more about how we create our clothing on our page Ethical Clothing | Making Our Clothes.



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