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ethical jeansEthical Jeans: Really soft denim jeans, available in three delicious colours. These ethical jeans have red stitching as a contrast and lots of pockets for storing foraged treasures.


There’s button elastic for waist adjustment and slightly longer legs so that they will last through a growth spurt (we know what its like when our kids jeans seem to suddenly flap around their ankles!)


These jeans have been created from handspun, handwoven and hand-dyed fabric and designed to be gorgeous, comfortable and practical.  We’ve partnered with Indian social enterprises that focus on creating livelihoods for vulnerable rural women – you can find out more in your garment story.  The jeans are created using processes that are kind to the environment, such as handspinning, hand weaving and hand dyeing.

Sizing guidance:

Age 4 – waist 58cm (adjustable), inside-leg 52cm
Age 5 – waist 60cm (adjustable), inside-leg 54cm
Age 6 – waist 62cm (adjustable), inside-leg 56cm
Age 7 – waist 68cm (adjustable), inside-leg 58cm
Age 8 – waist 70cm (adjustable), inside-leg 60cm
Age 9 – waist 72cm (adjustable), inside-leg 62cm
Age 10 – waist 76cm (adjustable), inside-leg 64cm


Blueberry, Bubblegum, Toffee


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