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We were one of the first brands to put codes on our labels so you can unlock the garment’s creation story. Traceability has been our core ethos from our beginnings back in 2012 – knowledge leads to improvement.

By scanning the code with a mobile phone, you can trace the story of a garment right back to its beginnings as a crop in a field.

Every product we create can have a QR code (and alphanumeric option). Your customer can simply scan the code using their mobile phone (or enter it manually if they prefer) to be taken to a web page outlining the whole creation story. They’ll enter a world of cotton growing, weaving and garment production – meeting the artisans who made our clothing and textiles by hand, and finding out about the eco-friendly materials and processes they use.

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We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments about your garment and its story. Email us on

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