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Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? is an award winning social enterprise that creates clothing and textiles that are kind – to our planet, to garment makers and to you too.  What’s more, everything we make is fully traceable using a code printed on the label, so you can discover exactly how and where yours were made, all the way back to the cotton growing in the field.

You can visit our shop to explore our range of beautiful clothes for all the family, or find out how we work with businesses to create sustainable, traceable clothing and textiles for your brand and your customers.

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Product Customisation

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Respect for Mother Earth

Eco friendly by design

Fair Business Practices

Improving lives with every garment

Looking for ethical wholesale clothing and textiles?

Partner with us to meet your requirements for sustainably made and ethically sourced products.

We are specialists in creating a transparent supply chain aligned to our customer’s design requirements.

We deliver the impact story behind each product and can align this with your ESG targets and the Sustainable Development Goals.  

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Stunning looks that that make the world a kinder place.

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Ethical styles to achieve your look and help others along the way.

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Stylish and fun ethical fashion for all ages.

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