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B2B Case Studies

Businesses often require merchandise for marketing events, giveaways and staff wear.

We provided Trywyre, an electric vehicle business, with custom t shirts with a strongly zero waste and ethical story.

The brief was to create carbon neutral T shirts for a campaign, but timings meant that creating the T shirts from scratch in partnership with our regenerative cotton producers was not possible.  So we opted for a circular approach, sourcing surplus T shirts with a spelling mistake (#freebrittany instead of #freebritney!) and overprinting with the customer graphic.  Printing was done by a UK based social enterprise providing work for vulnerable adults.

In this way 580 T shirts were potentially saved from waste, a marginalised community supported and a fabulous product created for our customer.  Find out more in our B2B Garment Stories.


Hanks Deli in Ipswich is a vegan, zero waste shop.  They were after custom tote bags with a great ethos for their Christmas hampers.

Working with a social enterprise in India we designed custom ‘Messenger totes’ using thick, organic (rainfed) cotton and printed them by hand with the Hanks logo.

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Software giant SAP approached us in summer 2019 to create a gift with top sustainability and story for their top staff.

We sourced indigenous cotton which was handwoven to a custom design in a social enterprise in India.  The scarves were dyed using eco dyes and a water free system into SAP’s signature colours, then embroidered with their logo.

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Love Heartwood create wooden toys, jewellery and gifts by hand.  Craftswoman Liz wanted gift bags to reflect her ethos.

We created custom drawstring bags from khadi, a traditional handwoven cotton fabric, working in partnership with a social enterprise in India.  The bags were then printed by hand with the Love Heartwood logo and other information.  Liz shares the bags’ story on her website to showcase their ethical story.

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