About Where Does It Come From?

More and more people are asking questions about the products they buy. How were they made? What impact have they had on our planet? Who made them and were they treated fairly?  At Where Does It Come From? we create clothing and textiles that are kind – to the planet, the makers and to you too. You can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are helping others and our planet through your buying choices. After all, it’s cool to care!

Kind Clothes for You and Your Family…

You can choose clothes for all the family as well as gifts and vouchers.

Kind Clothes for Your Business

If you are a business or organization, please explore our b2b offerings and case studies.  You never know, we could create something beautiful together…..

Campaigning and Activism

We’re passionate about change! We’re just part of a vibrant community collaborating to make the fashion industry better. We also founded the community Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution,  running events and conferences inspire and educate.

The Where Does It Come From? podcast explores the impacts of ‘stuff’ on our people and planet, hosting discussions with amazing individuals who dedicate their lives to making positive change.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Where Does It Come From? is working across many of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, with specific focus on goal 12 ‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns’, goal 1 ‘No poverty’, goal 8 ‘Decent work and economic growth and goal 13 ‘Climate action’.

Where Did Where Does it Come From? Come From?

Hi, I’m Jo Salter, and I founded Where Does It Come From? in 2013.  Just like you, I was concerned that the clothes I was buying for myself and my family were not being created ethically, and that I may indirectly be helping to sustain cruel labour practices and contributing to the world’s pollution problems.I wanted answers to my questions and these were hard to come by, so I had the idea of putting a code on the garment to unlock its creation story.

Since then we’ve grown our product range and now offer solutions for business too.  We’ve also won some awards and featured in some wonderful publications!  Thank you for all of your support – together we can be the change we want to see.

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