Trywyre is an electric vehicle company, passionate about encouraging people to change their vehicle as part of the fight against the climate emergency.  Rebecca from Trywyre was a guest on the Where Does It Come From? podcast in August 2021 and then approached us to plan carbon neutral t shirts for their ‘Stop the Blah Blah Blah’ campaign after COP26.  After initial exploration of carbon positive cotton farming to produce the t shirts, we agreed to explore an upcycled solution.

100% Cotton ‘Free Brittany’ T shirt

The first step was to find T shirts that had been created but never used, but that also fitted the requirements of the project in terms of print and colour.  The project graphic had to be printable on the T shirt in such a way that its previous life was not too obvious – the Trywyre graphic had to be the star of the show!

This T shirt project saved 540 existing cotton T shirts from Landfill.

#freebritney upcycled t shirts Trywyre
#freebrittany t shirts sourced for the project

‘Free Britney’ was a high profile campaign to end the legal conservatorship of singer Britney Spears.  As part of this campaign the original T shirt creator sourced 100% cotton t shirts and had them printed with ‘#freebrittany’.  Unfortunately it was soon realised that the print had misspelled the singer’s name – in fact using the name of a region in France!

The T shirts were sourced from Wholesale Clearance UK, a company buying up and reselling unsold stock.

The T shirts were available in several colours but we agreed on white to really make the Trywyre graphic pop!