Organic Cotton – Pink Roses (Rain Fed) 1m x 1.6m


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organic cotton blue mandala from UgandaOrganic Cotton – Pink Roses: This cotton is beautifully soft and silky, with a vibrant print of salmon pink and purple on unbleached cotton.  It works beautifully for clothing and could also be used for home furnishings such as cushions or curtains.  The fabric is 160cm wide – much wider than you will usually find – so a 1 metre piece is actually 1m x 1.6m.  Order by the metre using the box above.

This fabric is:
– certified organic
– from cotton grown ecologically by co-operatives
– fed by the rain
– digitally printed using organic dyes

organic cotton pink rosesThis fabric was created as part of our programme to set up a transparent supply chain in Africa.  We have partnered with social enterprise Cotonea who work with co-operatives in Uganda to create beautiful, organic cotton fabrics from cotton grown in the northwest of Uganda on the fields which have lain vacant for decades due to the civil war.

This organic cotton grows in regions with enough rain to water several crops per year – countering the ‘thirsty crop’ issue naturally!   The cotton is ecologically farmed and harvested by hand which is beneficial to the land in a number of ways and ensures that only the cotton is picked so the land is not depleted of other growth and nutrients.  Crop rotation also protects and improves the fruitfulness of the land.  Find out more about our Organic Cotton from Uganda.

organic cotton blue mandala
photo: Cotonea



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