Organic Ant Shirt for Kids



Our skilled artisans have hand crafted this beautiful organic ant shirt for kids using 100% organic cotton and block printed them by hand with our unique ant design.  They are beautifully soft as the cotton has been handspun and the fabric handwoven.  Handwoven fabrics are naturally more breathable which means that this shirt will keep your child lovely and cool on warm days.  They are (of course) ethically made, fair trade and traceable so that you can explore their life story and ‘meet’ the people involved.  We have a range of sizes and the shirt is a great all-year-rounder – simply put a long sleeved top underneath in cooler weather!

To find out more about how we create our unique clothing please visit our page on Making our Clothes.

Childs sizes

4-5 years, 6-7 Years, 8-9 Years, 10-11 Years, 12 Years


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