Organic Pink Shirt in Khadi Cotton

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Our organic pink shirt has been created from 100% sustainable cotton fabric called khadi.  The shirt design is straight and classic so can be worn loose or tucked in, while the natural fabric flows and drapes beautifully.

Our shirts are eco-friendly – You can explore the traditional khadi processes used, which are much kinder to the environment.  Our dyeing process uses a fifth of the water normally required and the hand spinning and hand weaving are virtually carbon free.

Hand woven fabrics are naturally more breathable so you will find your organic pink shirt cool in summer and warm in winter – a perfect all season wardrobe staple.

organic pink shirtOur shirts are ethical – our fabrics are created by co-operatives which are run according to the principles set down by Mahatma Gandhi as part of his vision to empower rural people in India. We also work with artisan groups and social enterprises in the dyeing, printing and tailoring of our shirts.

You can explore how your organic pink shirt was made and who was involved – each shirt has a code on the label which unlocks its garment story.

For information on sizing please see our Size Guidance.

Find out more about how we create our ethical and eco-friendly shirts by tracing their story.

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4 reviews for Organic Pink Shirt in Khadi Cotton

  1. Sam Sims

    Lovely Lovely! I would describe it more as a salmon pink but I love the colour and it is comfy to wear!

  2. Steve Thackery

    So, there I was wondering what on earth I have to do to attract a gorgeous woman into my life, and it occurred to me that one of these shirts in pink must be just what a fat old guy needs to turn a few heads. After all, what could be cooler than wearing a shirt I can trace all the way back to the cotton field and has been made with loving care by real humans? Heck, I can even see pictures of them on the website.

    So I put this shirt on and despite it being a little below freezing I set off for the tram into Nottingham without a jacket, in order to show it in its true glory. “Oh, like, WOW! Have you seen the, like, SHIRT that guy’s wearing? Isn’t it GORGEOUS? And hey, he’s, like, pretty hot too!” That was only five minutes into the journey, so of course I pulled my gut in and took up my best manly stance. By the time I’d got into town I’d got back ache from it, but heck, nothing comes easy at my age.

    Word had got out, apparently, because as soon as I got off the tram in the Old Market Square the crowds surged forwards and I was surrounded by gorgeous women. “Hey, can I feel your shirt?” “Wow, where did you get that SHIRT from?” “’Scuse me, do they do that shirt in, like, normal sizes?” “Oh my god, just look at that pink! I could DIE for that pink!!” “Oh sheesh, that guy? OK, so he’s older than my dad, but he’s, like, so damn SEXY!”

    I’ve gotta go now because I’ve got to iron my shirt for a party tonight with all my new female fans – they just can’t seem to get enough of me. Who’d o’ thunk a shirt could transform your life like that? I might just buy another……

  3. Jane

    An excellent quality garment. The fabric is lightweight, but not in the least flimsy; indeed, the cotton has the feel/look of linen. The workmanship is superb, especially the stitching and the attention to detail. All lines of stitching meet exactly where they should, and there are no loose threads. I bought it for myself, hoping that the small wouldn’t be too skimpy – and it’s a perfect fit as a comfortable ‘blouse’. (I’m 35in B, 28in W, 36in H with square shoulders.) I like particularly the deep hem; not only does this mean it will launder more easily, but coupled with the straight-up-and-down style means it will hang nicely/look good when untucked. I look forward to the white colour being in stock in small. Thank goodness I read the Guardian (with the eco supplement) that day!

  4. Lucy K

    I bought this salmon pink shirt as a present for my father and it’s been a great success. He loved the fit and the feel and was fascinated by the story the shirt told.

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