Be The Change Awards 2019 Awards Ceremony (video)

On April 26th, the Museum of Brands in London hosted the first ever Be The Change Awards 2019 Awards Ceremony! You can watch a fabulous video of the event created by Studio Republic below:

Set up by Jo Salter from Where Does It Come From? and Sian Conway from Ethicalhour, the awards were to create a platform for the brands and organisations working to create positive change to the environment and communities. Often unsung heroes, this was a chance to tell their stories and get the recognition and publicity that they deserve. The hope is that this will give them a much needed pat on the back and also enable their enterprises to grow.

The Be The Change Awards 2019 Awards Ceremony
Co-founders Jo Salter and Sian Conway hosting the ceremony

With over 160 entries over 12 categories these awards attracted brands and organisations from all over the world who wanted to share their story. Free to enter the awards were financed through sponsorship from inspiring organisations who wanted to support these smaller brands in their mission. We are hugely grateful to all our sponsors for enabling the Be The Change Awards 2019 awards ceremony to happen. A full list of sponsors can be seen on our Be The Change Awards website and you can follow the awards on Twitter and Facebook for up to the moment news.

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