Ed Sheeran and Crowdfunding

I’ve got a confession to make.  I’m an Ed Sheeran Fan.  And yesterday I spent half an hour or so wrestling with the internet to buy tickets for his 2019 Suffolk gig.  The local boy is coming home.  How could I not go?

But it got me thinking.  Yesterday morning at the school gates the parents were talking about it.  My Facebook feed was full of people’s Ed Sheeran ticket buying stories or angst from those who had missed out.  Later in the day Mr Sheeran released a third concert date and so the BBC local news was full of it again and, not surprisingly, so was my Facebook feed.

As someone who is currently running a crowdfund (it’s at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/african-tunics if you’ve missed it!) I’ve been working hard to whip up enthusiasm and encouraging people to pledge to support a cause I feel passionate about.  It’s also one that I thought would tick peoples boxes.  Our project is about creating beautiful clothing (tick), that is created from eco-friendly natural fibres (tick) and supports fairtrade workers in Africa (tick).  We’re getting supporters – thank you so much! – but are nowhere near the £20,000 we need to run the project.  We’re not asking for charity, just as in buying our Ed Sheeran tickets, people are pre-ordering a garment which they can enjoy at a future time (when it is made!).

I would love to create the hype about our project that Ed’s team have – if everyone going to his concerts pledged just £1 we would make our target.  Anyway whatever happens with the crowdfund I can comfort myself with the fact that I will be at Ed Sheeran’s Suffolk gig next year and I’ll be wearing my Eco Fairtrade African tunic!

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