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As part of our mission to run as a sustainable and ethical business, we are aiming to be as plastic free as possible.  This is a challenging task and an ongoing journey but the benefits for ourselves and the planet will be enormous.

  1. 1. Our production methods are totally plastic free.  Our cotton is spun and woven by hand using traditional skills and equipment and then printed and dyed using wooden blocks or screens.
  2. 2. Our shirts (both adult and children) and scarves are totally plastic free – we only use 100% organic cotton for the fabric and the buttons are made from wood or shell.  Our denim children’s clothing, the first range we created, is also created from 100% cotton, however plastic buttons and poppers were used as a fastening.  All future productions will be totally plastic free.
  3. 3. Our stationary and packaging is plastic free.  We use recycled paper in the office and for leaflets. We package our orders using recycled tissue and double thickness re-usable posting envelopes.  We have worked with the Tiny Box Company to create gorgeous shirt boxes from recyclable cardboard (we love them!).
  4.  We are working with our suppliers, who are also very eco-driven, to reduce and remove unnecessary packaging when stock is transported internationally to us.  Often boxes can sit in transit points for periods of time and so plastic is used to prevent damp from causing damage to the clothing. We are exploring alternatives. Currently our shirts arrive in a plastic sleeve for protection during storage.  We remove these sleeves on arrival and re-use.  For wholesale shirt orders we send out the products in a plastic sleeve to prevent any damage when being stored on customer premises.  We will continue to explore alternative options.

For more information please see our Sustainable Business Practices and our Zero Waste journey.

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