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Where Does It Come From?
 is partnering with the NGO Proudly Made in Africa to create our new transparent supply chain in Africa.  Here’s the team – we’ve been working closely with their director, Vikki Brennan (back row, second from right) and with their Programme and Sourcing Manager, Feena Kirrkamm (front row, middle).  The organisation has been vital to our Building a Transparent Supply Chain in Africa for Clothing, assisting us in the planning, identification and due diligence of potential suppliers in the region and with insight into costs around freight and importing from the region.

The Proudly Made in Africa Team

I have asked their director, Vikki Brennan, to tell us a bit more about the organisation.

‘Proudly Made in Africa (PMIA) is an NGO based across Dublin and London that assists African producers of ready-to-retail goods to build markets for their products in Europe.

PMIA was established in 2008 to promote and facilitate trade of value-added products from sub-Saharan Africa.  Focussing on the food and fashion sectors, our mission is to generate employment opportunities for African communities through building the capacity of African producers to market their products internationally and to change the bias that stops consumers engaging with African products.  Our vision is an international marketplace where Europe relates to Africa through trade not aid and it is normal for European buyers to source consumer-ready products from Africa rather than just raw commodities.

Tusker Beer – A success story for PMIA

Working with a network of over 600 producers, we target small to medium sized enterprises who represent the best of African industry and help them gain market entry to Europe by co-creating with them sound export plans and branding that will attract a European consumer.  Success to date has included gaining Tusker beer market entry into Ireland, assisting London and Dublin boutiques create bespoke African ranges and assisting international brands like Puma and Clarks understand the landscape of doing business in Africa.’

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