Queen Giving Up Real Fur – Jo on BBC Radio Suffolk Discussion

News about the Queen giving up real fur in any of her new clothes has led to discussions on sustainability versus animal cruelty.

BBC Radio Suffolk invited Where Does It Come From? founder Jo Salter on air to discuss the announcement with presenter Mark Murphy.

There are differing views on the sustainability of real versus fake fur. The argument that fur is biodegradable is common, however to keep it from biodegrading (aka rotting) too soon, nasties like formaldehyde are used. Alternatively fake fur is usually an oil based non biodegrading plastic. However there are now recycled plastic fur and plant based fur options available.

So for the Queen giving up real fur is not as simple a decision as we might think. However If you are an animal lover and don’t want to add to the 50 million animals slaughtered for fur each year then it’s a no brainer…..

Queen giving up real fur
Photo: Pixabay

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