Dress like a Filmstar!

Fantastic News – you too can dress like a film star!

The same ethical fabrics used in the Where Does It Come From? collection will now be gracing the stars of Hollywood!  Warner Bros have selected MoralFibre Fabrics, our partner in Gujarat, to supply the fabrics for their latest movie ‘Peter Pan’ starring Hugh Jackman!  Khadi, a handspun handwoven fabric famously promoted by Ghandi, will be one of the fabrics used.

So if you want to dress your children like Hollywood stars then head to our SHOP!  Scarves made from Khadi will be on sale soon – some with a Christmas theme – and these will make ideal presents for the festive season.

dress like a film star - where does it come from?

MoralFibre impressed the costume designers of Warner Bros with the quality and texture of their fabrics, which are handmade by artisans working in ethically run co-operatives.  Many of those making the fabrics live rurally and work from home where spinning and weaving equipment are part of their household furniture, just like their parents and grandparents before them.  The fabrics are environment friendly as well as the production process is powered by people not carbon and all dyes used are without harmful chemicals.  It is wonderful to hear about the Hollywood Studios supporting such an enterprise!

If you want to know more about MoralFibre’s Hollywood success, here is an artical in the Indian publication FirstBiz.

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