Fashion’s Dirty Secrets – Secret No Longer!

It’s out there – those who watched Stacey Dooley’s Fashion’s Dirty Secrets Documentary now agree that Fast Fashion is a no no.  For those of us, and there are many of us, who have been working to change the clothing industry for years THIS is a very exciting time!

It feels like interest has been gradually building up and has now reached its crescendo – from David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’ which changed peoples view of the long term effects of single use plastic, the Government Review into the impacts of Fast Fashion and last night’s BBC1 documentary by Stacey Dooley exposing ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets‘.

This explosion of realisation has been a long time coming so it feels like we are on the brink of something special.  Mainstream media interest in the subject is now almost daily – with the BBC publishing articles on Facts and Figures from the Government Review , and even publications like the Sun featuring Stacey Dooley’s travels through the fast fashion supply chains.

Fashion’s Dirty Secrets – Is this Out of the Blue?

However just like an actor who is hailed ‘an overnight success’ despite years toiling in low budget productions,  there have been many of us working for years to expose these truths.  Big fashion names like Stella McCartney, celebrities such as Emma Watson and many social entrepreneurs, environmentalists and campaigners have created brands (such as us at Where Does It Come From?), films (The True Cost Movie) and organisations (Fashion RevolutionLabour Behind the Label).

Where Does It Come From? is part of a large community – people and organisations who want to have a positive impact on our planet and workers, who want to turn things around if that is still possible.  We set up in 2013 to campaign for more ethical and fair clothing production and created a transparent supply chain in India, working with Indian social enterprise Moral Fibre Fabrics, and co-operatives set up by Mahatma Gandhi to create fabrics with a low environmental footprint and a high social benefit.

The truth? its been hard going.  Inspiring people to think beyond the price label has been a challenge.  Our brand has a small but loyal following and just about keeps it’s head above water.  Our new project to widen our impact into Africa (Check us out on Crowdfunder) has met with wonderful feedback but still has some way to go to reach target.  It’s not just about tunics, it’s about changing the fashion industry – check out the video……

What Can You Do?

Now it’s exciting – it feels like a big change is here!  If you have read this far and you are still unsure, watch Stacey Dooley’s documentary Fashion’s Dirty Secrets on iPlayer then follow it up with the True Cost Movie if still unconvinced.

If you really want to see change happen then you need to be part of it.  Actually being Ethical is Easy so come and join the valiant, and now growing, brigade who are fighting to make fashion do good. Oh and saving our planet at the same time.

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