Help us win an Observer Ethical Award!

We’re going for it – we really want to win an Observer Ethical Award!

Now in their 11th year, the Observer Ethical Awards celebrate all the great work being done to make our world a better place.  This year is a bit different as they are asking people to nominate their favourite ethical business, person or organisation that is really doing something positive in the ethical space.

We would LOVE you to nominate us!  Being recognised would really help spread the word about our ethical and traceable clothing brand which means that we can reach more people and achieve our goals of creating our sustainable clothes, building livelihoods for our artisans and sharing their stories with our customers.

It’s really easy to enter – just go to the ‘Vote in the Observer Ethical Awards’ page and scroll down to the category ‘The Ethical Product Award’.  You then add up to 200 words on why you are nominating Where Does It Come From? .  To make this easier we’ve come up with something to start you off, but it would be wonderful if  you wanted to write your own text or tweak ours a bit!

‘Where Does It Come From? ( creates beautiful and stylish clothes that come with their creation story.  All their clothes come with a traceability code on the label which you can then use to unlock the history of your new garment.  You can discover where the cotton grew, how it was spun and woven into fabric and then tailored into your shirt, scarf or kids clothes. You can even get to know the people involved!  Sharing this information inspires people to have a better relationship with products generally – keeping them longer and recycling when finished, and encourages us all to shop more ethically’. (103 words)

You’ve then got 97 words left to add a personal comment – perhaps about something you have bought from us or why you think it’s a good idea.

Here are some key points about Where Does It Come From? that might help you come up with something….

Key Messages

1. All our products are traceable right back to fields where the cotton grew. Our customers can find out where their products came from using a code on the label – (information and re-assurance).

2. We are committed to the people who make our garments. We only work with socially focussed production partners with a Fairtrade ethos.  We currently work in India and are in the process of setting up an African supply chain too.

3. Our makers use traditional, low carbon processes and azo free dyes for lower environmental impact. We use organic cotton where possible.

4. We are committed to creating great products. Our clothing has been designed by us to be attractive, practical and comfortable as well as ethical.

5. Our products are unique. We created the concept, the clothing and the traceability.  You can’t buy this anywhere else!

6. We want to inspire people to have a better relationship with their clothes and the people who touched them before we did.  Through our children’s range we hope to inspire the next generation too.

Finally, you can add a supporting photo or video.  If you have a photo of you wearing one of our garments this would be great!  We have a video at that you can add if you like.

Then just add your name and email and press the ‘Submit Form’ button, cross your fingers….

Thank you so much for your support.  We’d love to know if you’ve voted for us so please tell us if you do!

Where Does It Come From? ethical clothing - traceable and fairtrade too

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